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Kamis, 18 September 2014

My feeling about now

Someday, i feel so lonely when i get a problem.
I can't make it really comfort for me.
We're friend, just simple called.
but, the meaning of that word is IMPORTANT.

If all of you can get the same feeling. 
I trust, you can understand the meaning.

I always hope our friend can understand what i feeling.
truly, i almost get the proble every day. cause i feeling alone.

some spirit always told me i must be stronger.
fighting with this condition
and make the miracle

but, i can't doing.
my soul can breaking today when i feel alone.
my imagination always make the limit from the spirit.

until now, i hope i can through this condition with my opportunity.

i wish , that come true :)

written by : @Fajar_win
photo taken by :

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